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Aircon services

Living a comfortable and luxurious life is the dream of every person and having it without the air conditioning system at your home, office, and business premises would be impossible. Facing a low cooling problem, or no cooling at all, or initiation problem with your air conditions, handyman services are always available at your doorstep.

Generally, we deal with all types of air conditioning services including the following one’s
  • AC repairing
  • Maintaining AC
  • Installation of AC
  • Commercial AC

AC repairing

Often it happens with the air conditioners that they leave cooling and seldom it happens that AC doesn’t leave cooling but slows down. If you are facing such a problem don’t delay and call the handyman services and fix your problem within no time and resume your comfortable life. sometimes the AC doesn’t even initiate and make us worry, but now don’t worry do call us today and let our experts visit your AC and, if repairable fix your problem as soon as possible within your budget.

Maintaining AC

As we maintain our car to keep its life long-lasting and make it fit, our air conditioners also require time to time maintenance to keep it more efficient and maintain long life. According to one survey, it is proved that the life and efficiency of the air conditioner increase up to 20% by simply maintaining it regularly and changing its filters. If you have made your mind to have the maintenance of your air conditioner handyman will assist you in providing such services.

Installation of AC

Bought a new AC for your room, office, or other business premises and searching for some AC installation services in Singapore handyman is the best fit for such jobs. If you already have the AC installed and want to relocate it to another room or on another side or wall, just relax, enjoy your tea, and call our top-notch technicians to deal with your AC reinstallation. We’ll always work with you to consider your budget, preferences, and other factors important for you and your home’s comfort.


Commercial  AC

Typically the giant ducted air conditioning systems are installed in commercial places like shopping malls, hospitals, and hotels. Often it happens that some issues arise in the system either due to the improper installation of the ducts or damage to the ducts carrying the cool air. Besides these problems, the filters of the ducts become clogged by the dust and cause difficulty in the crossing of air through these filters. Another common problem in the ducted air conditioning system is that the zoning gates of the system get stuck and cause problems in the cooling. If you are also facing any of the above problems let us know about your issue and have it done within the possible time.