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Drilling services

Are you in search of a service provider that can also deal with the drilling services? handyman service providers are the perfect one for you. we provide reliable and safe services according to the client’s requirements.

The following are some drilling services that a handyman can give you as you need.

  • RCC Wall Drilling
  • Core Drilling Services
  • Cable Percussion Drilling
  • Hand auger drilling
  • Drilling in deep land

RCC Wall Drilling

Are you looking for some services that can drill in the RCC wall for your requirement? the drilling of the RCC wall may not be as easy to drill in the simple bricks. This service is rendered by professionals who have affluent industry practice and skills.

Core Drilling Services

We are rendering Rewiring Drilling Service to our customers. Owing to prompt completion, our offered service is extremely admired in the market. Our service meets on client’s demand. Moreover, we render this service as per the client’s demand.


Cable Percussion Drilling

Percussion drilling is commonly called cable tool drilling in which a hole is generated by the repeated blows by lifting and then dropping the heavy chisel connected with the cable on the underground rocks. A similar type of drilling is done for the motor water pump to create a deep hole to suck the underground water.

Hand auger drilling

Hand auger drilling is used to carry out a wide range of services from obtaining the soil samples and making the post holes. it is also used to create fishing holes in the ice, local small minings, drainage issues, and environmental constructions. handyman service boys are well equipped to provide you the best quality services within your requirement.

Drilling in deep land

To meet the market demands, we are dedicated to providing core drilling services to our customers. these services are usually demanded by the mining and civil construction industries to drill large round holes in the slightly deeper land. the core drilling services are slightly difficult and require professional workers to perform the land core drilling task. Further, our skilled professionals ensure to satisfy the various requirements of the customers.