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Electrical services

We offer electrical services in very simple and technical ways. So your appliance would not harm much. We have hired top skilled and educated labor to serve our people throughout Singapore. An electrician is not the one who just set your device or any of your home appliances. But the one who do simply in the way to save the device’s reliability. That is why we claimed about the warranty after doing your electrical work. We are here in this service since todays popular companies of electronics were establishing. So we have good experiences all models of the appliances. We are serving in this field for full range, and capacities to cope with all your needs of businesses, homes, and portable appliances etc.

We welcome our customer and try to do at our best to satisfy our clients. If the project is lengthy or more paying then we do some extra offers to them. If we repair home appliance one time, in case the same issue again arises so we do free of cost. And this thing does not happened often but sometime it happens. Our uniqueness is that we provide equal opportunities and offers to everyone. No matter if your project is so small or a big one. If suggestions and recommendations by the respectable client are reasonable we admit and appreciate. Our aim is to achieve complete fulfillment and once our customer is satisfied no job is done. For your peace of mind, every work is quality checked. Our electrical services provide outstanding support and efficiency on all electrical works.

Services we provide;

  • Door Electrical wiring issue

  • Troubleshooting Electrical issues

  • Installation of isolator and supply

  • Ceiling fan installation and replacing

  • Light bulbs installation and replacing

  • Installation of circuit Breakers and their supplies

  • Installation of power point supply

  • Installation of LED strips and supply

  • Surface LED supply and install

  • All sockets and tube lights setting

  • Concealed wiring & power point installation

  • And with exposed Trunking and wiring supply installation

  • Moreover we deal  all offices, homes, shops issues regarding electrical disorder.

  • To set electrical problems every householder needs a best electrician to solve out the issue with that. And that work may be fixing electrical wiring issues, bulbs or any light installation, installing your company’s water heater.



Our Singapore electrical service provides our customers with the efficient, qualified professionals to install any job in the electricity industry, as they did. If you are confronted with any problems with electric circuits or switches, contact us. Our experts can meet you in Singapore and take you right to the cause of the issue. You can bet on a reliable and fully-functioning electric switch for several years to come. Basically, we are clean, fast, and effective works at all. When you chose us, we take care of electrical inspections, upgrades and troubleshooting. We do our job efficiently and cheerfully, listen truly to our customers, and make sure that you are really happy before our returning back.