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Our Services

We provide services related to Home appliances. We are not a seller of them but to repair all home appliances almost. Our aim is to provide our local friends and family with appliance repairs and it demonstrates our accurate and timely diagnostic know-how throughout our life. We deliver a service on the same day, meaning you don’t have to wait long to fix your washing and kitchen appliances. Most of the time, big repair equipment is much cheaper than purchasing a whole new device. At affordable Appliance Repair, we have a wide variety of device repair problems at an affordable, cheap price with careful processing and standard replacement parts Any new home appliance, don’t be worried! Instead, give us a call. In no time can our staff will assist in diagnosing and fixing the faulty appliance. Since the 1990s, we have been in the cleaning and maintenance business, with the resources, expertise, and dedication to providing the expert equipment service you need to return your household units to their best function.

Appliance Repair also operates to ensure that appliance repairs are fully and properly carried out for rental companies, owners, and absent home holders. We appreciate the difficulties of remote management of a damaged device and work hard to communicate well with you and to easily restore your devices.

We specialize in

carpentry services

Carpentry services

Searching for carpentering services? Our skilled and experienced carpenters are at your service 24/7.


Electrical services

We offer electrical services in very simple and technica ways. So your appliance would not harm much.

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Washing machine repair services

We routinely use our laundry machines in our homes to make them more like a family member. 


Fridge repair services

You don’t want to take any chance, if your home appliance plays such an important part in the kitchen.


Painting services

Professional painting does not mean to just colorize the walls, furniture or anything else. Our dedicated experts do their 

rubbish chute

Rubbish chute maintenance

Do you live in the flat where the rubbish is discarded through the chute and you face a new problem…..

Window repair services

We have repaired almost all types of company windows. Like double hung, picture window, baked windows, 


Door repair service

Where we are offering other services, we also do offer door repair service among one of the most important services.

Professional TV Installation

Mounting service

Bought a new LED or want to replace the existing one with another or want to change your mounted LED from one room


Aircon services

Living a comfortable and luxurious life is the dream of every person and having it without the air conditioning


Partition and ceiling services

Wondering to find the best service providers who make your big room into two parts or you want a partition in your 


Drilling services

Are you in search of a service provider that can also deal with the drilling services? handyman service 


Dismantle 7 disposal services

Planning to buy new furniture or have bought it and there is no more space in the house…


Plumbing services

Looking to fix any of the following issues from the experts? We are here to relieve your curb from all

Professional TV Installation

Mounting service

Bought a new LED or want to replace the existing one with another or want to change your mounted LED from one room

Often you need urgent help for your appliances from washing machine repair to dishwasher repair. And the basic fact is that equipment does not simply break down in a short period. That is why our appliance repairer provides 24 repair hours, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year. You will get the appliance replacements you need when you need them by our ambulance services. Do not stop repairing your dryer and put your family at risk or fix your cooler while all the food is spoiled! Call now to discuss our emergency maintenance options with an Appliance Repair Specialist and how we can help you.

For your pleasure, we provide equipment installation. If the issues are too serious to fix economically, or you are only looking for a new cooler, we can help. We can help with Appliance Repair and is pleased to provide citizens of Singapore and the area a full range of appliance installation services. We’re here with you no matter what the appliance service wants.

We are making you assure that distance does not matter. We are just around you to serve. Just call us and deliver your message. Affordable appliance repair is a nearby business that monitors COVID-19 closely and its effects on our national community. Our highest priority at this period is the health and welfare of our clients. While the severity of this virus cannot be controlled, we may take protective action to minimize the spread and effect of COVID-19. We are currently working carefully with simple preventive security actions in our day-to-day service following the guidelines set out by the government in Singapore.