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Plumbing services

Looking to fix any of the following issues from the experts? We are here to relieve your curb from all of the plumbing issues at reasonable prices. Our experts can deal easily with the following common problems.

We provide the best solutions if you are facing any of the following or related problems.
  • Water motor
  • Geyser installation and repair
  • Bathroom plumbing
  • kitchen plumbing
  • Water tank problems

Water motor

Is your water motor leaking water or not pumping water from the ground properly? Our technicians are well known about these issues and can fix them within no time to ease your problem as soon as possible. Apart from these if you are facing any water pump issue, contact us and enjoy our reliable and long-lasting services.

Geyser installation and repair

Planning to hire someone for your new geyser installation or planning to change the location of your pre-installed geyser or looking for hardcore services to repair your geyser, we are available 24/7 for you. We deal with all of the geyser-related problems and provide the best solutions for them that suit clients.

Bathroom plumbing

We have experts that can install the complete bathroom set for your bathroom or can fix a single tap or can deal with your water leaking shower or if the water is coming at a slow speed. Our services are not limited to the above problems, instead, we have dealt with many more common problems like default tap, leaking shower pipe, broken basin, and various issues related to plumbing.

Kitchen plumbing

Our kitchen plumbing services include the installation of new sinks, sink mixers, single washers, and much more identical messes. Whether you are looking to repair the broken pipe or sink, sink leakage, and often sink overflowing problem, our quick services can manage your problem and make a long-lasting installation. In short, our services cover all the aspects of the water regulation and sanitary problems in the kitchen sinks and water supply.

Water tank problems

Water tank problems seldom happen but when they happen can cost you a lot. Water tank leakage or broken water tanks are the problems that we commonly encounter during fieldwork. Replacing the old one with the new water tank is also being done in our offered services. Sometimes we want to have our water motor automatically switched off as it fills the water tank, this can be done by the regulator that checks the water level and disconnects the electrical supply to the motor, and switches off the motor. We also provide services if your regulator is not working or if you want to have its virgin installation.