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Carpentry Services

Searching for carpentering services? Our skilled and experienced carpenters are at your service 24/7.

Typically wooden furniture and structure can be damaged by anything and if you are also the one finding solutions to your problems with wooden layouts, we provide you Singapore’s best services within your budget. Broadly we deal with the following issues.

We provide the best solutions if you are facing any of the following or apart from these problems.

  • Kitchen Layouts
  • Wooden Doors
  • Wooden Sofa
  • Room Issues
  • Polishing
Kitchen layouts

Are you constructing a new house and searching for top-notch services that can handle all the wooden kitchen work? we love to work with such clients. Looking to add a new column of shelves to place your oven and other crockery sets or something else do inform us and we visit your kitchen and make an estimate of the cost and time of your project. We make and repair all kitchen stuff like wardrobes, shelves, cabinets, and chimneys.

Wooden doors 

Whether it is the installation of a new door or the repair of an old one, our technicians can repair and install the new door as you need with precision and accuracy. This category includes all door problems from minor to major ones like lock changing and installing a broken door with a hole in it, fixing door clips, and many more like this.

Wooden Sofa

No matter how much you look after your furniture, accidents are going to happen, and some issues occur naturally over time. Typically the color of your leather sofa fades and you want to replace the cover with a new one. Our workers are quite efficient in providing the customer best quality leather or any cover with a warranty if its color fades. Either the foam of your sofa is pressed or is not good enough to make you feel comfortable. We change the foam at cheap prices compared to our competitors.

Room issues

If you are tired of your bed slamming and often feel like it will break soon, or you are facing your window issue we are always available for you. If you are facing problems in withdrawing the draw of your dressing table or computer table, these are the common problems that we face in our fieldwork and are well known how to solve these issues.


If the color of your previous furniture fades out or want to change the polishing color of your sofa, bed, table, or wooden trolley, handyman polishers are well experienced to do so. As moisture and water harm the wood quality and fades the color of the furniture, polishing keeps the furniture water and moisture-proof to keep it safe and glowing. As polish retains the natural glow, handyman services are seeking for your visit to keep your furniture ever shining and evergreen.