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rubbish chute singapore

Rubbish chute maintenance

Do you live in the flat where the rubbish is discarded through the chute and you face a new problem day by day, there is the solution of your problem “ handyman services singapore”. We have a team of well experienced, well equipped and reliable teams that deal with the chute and their problems. We assure you that your problem will be handled wisely and effectively by our technicians.

Our top-notch services are available if you are facing the following or any other problem relating to chutes.
  • Putrefying smell
  • Annoying noise
  • Uncontrollable pests
  • Rusty chute
  • Seal leakage
rubbish chute

Putrefying  smell

Sometimes a foul odour comes to the rubbish chute that can make your room smelly and make you irritate. there may be several for this it may be due to cracks, leakage, holes and dents. If you are also facing this problem all us and avail our services by our top-notch technicians.

Annoying noise

Do you wake up at night when your upstairs trash rubbish in their chute? It happens when your chute is vibrating exceedingly and having the gaps or air leaks between the chute and your condo. Handyman services have faced a lot of such problems and have relieved our customers from this long lastingly. To stop the noise, oftenly, plugging the air leaks might solve the issue. If the tongue of your rubbish chute is small it does not catch the rubbish by direct fall instead catch it jump by jump, this in turn reduces the noise.

Uncontrollable pests

It is a common experience that pests like cockroaches, worms, and many foul-smelling insect pests are attracted by the rubbish, similarly often it happens with the rubbish chutes. If you are facing such a problem and expecting some well-experienced service provider that can find the best possible solution to your problem and fix it, contact us to examine your chute and get a possible solution. Commonly the pests are controlled by setting traps but if they continue to grow and are not eradicated, then the chute is shifted to another pests-free site.

Rusty chute

As the chute is commonly made of some metal material and it becomes more prone to rusting due to the fluidity of rubbish into it. Improper maintenance and cleaning will lead to further damage to the rubbish chute and create holes for critters to crawl through. The rusty chute may result in leakage and be difficult to use. This problem can be solved by simply changing the single defective part or by replacing the complete chute with stainless steel. Don’t delay, call us today and get rid of your rusty chute if you face such signs and symptoms.

Seal leakage

Facing the foul smell and don’t knowing where it is coming from, possibly it might be due to the leakage of the silicone seal. Typically being too old and becoming stiff due to dryness the seal got leaked or ruptured resulting in the outsourcing of smell and liquid that causes various problems. This issue can be handled by renovating the complete seal and applying new silicone to all the boundaries.